Barb our hygienist, and her patient (also named Barbara!), are all smiles today after doing a complimentary oral cancer screening. This is part of our ongoing promotion where we offer screening to anyone who brings a donation to the Richmond food bank.

Our patient Barbara is actually an oral cancer survivor, so she knows the importance of staying on top of these things. Through the Velscope screening done several years ago by her Coquitlam dental hygienist, tonsillar cancer was suspected, and later confirmed by her ENT.

Barb is a huge proponent of this early detection screening that she calls “the miracle blue light”. She has told many of her friends at her church how it saved her life, and claims she wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t for her proactive dental hygienist and the Velscope technology.

Thank you for sharing your amazing story Barbara, and for letting us share it too!